Impressions of Sweden

Sweden through the eyes of an American, by Michael Gehrisch
Lund Domkyrkan New Year  Lunds Cathedral Stockholm slussen hdr ed  Nightfall on Stockholm barn door : västervik bicycle farhult  Bicycle in Farhult
bron lernacken sunset  Öresunds Bro dalarna canoe  Canoe in Dalarna dogsledder jykassjärvi  Dogsled at the Ice Hotel fisherwoman  Every Fishermen's Dream
gullholmen ed  Gullholmen kayaker malmoe harbor  Malmö Harbor ribersborg kallbadhus 2013 2  Ribersborgs Kallbadhus skabersjo raps3  Skabersjö
stockholm stortorget 2  Stockholm Old Town malmo lighthouse sunset  Malmö Lighthouse Vårhallarna  Vårhallarna exchange group 1987  UC Exchange group to Lund, Sweden 1987